Sustainability is core to our ethos as a brand – whether it is the economic sustainability of handloom weaving, the commercial sustainability of a small – batch production unit or ecological sustainability of the way we work. Our studio is nestled in Auroville, one of the most eco-conscious communities in India, and in every choice from where we work to how we work, is a conscious effort to use less and do more.  In a use and throw economy, we want to change the way people see fashion. By using waste from the final garment and the test fits, we work towards a zero – waste practice. And if anything does find its way to a landfill, we rest assured in the knowledge that they are 100% natural, from yarn to dye.

Our definition of sustainability is built on the three traditional pillars of the concept: Social, ecological and economic. This means that everyone working within our production process receives a fair living wage; that we ensure that our material sourcing does not damage the ecosystem and that we have a long-term perspective when it comes to developing our business model. However, we have also added a fourth component to our definition of fashion-related sustainability: we work to actively slow down the pace of consumption, selling garments in a more timeless design that will have a longer lifespan than the average clothing item. We want people to cherish our garments and to wear them over and over. And find creative ways to eliminate waste in the process of creating. 

Our Business plan includes the people who make our garments, our dyers, our weavers, our tailors and more. We believe that the growth of our craftsmen and artisans is our one ambition. When our 4th generation dyer trains a 5th generation dyer and our weaver's community of 15 increases to 50 trained weavers only then are we close to our true aims.


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